Pushing Forward


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released February 9, 2014

All lyrics and music by A Strength Within.
Recorded and mixed by Florian Nowak at Dailyhero Recordings, Berlin. Mastered by Marc Wüstenhagen at Maw Recordings, Berlin.
Vocals recorded by Michiel Van Steen, Vilvoorde.



all rights reserved



A hardcoreband from Leuven, est. 2009.

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Track Name: Live It Or Leave It
here I find myself again walking with the dead
a story that seems to repeat itself again
secluded from what counts

constantly beating my fists against these fucking walls
‘cause I’m surrounded by demons with prying eyes

pushing forward, away from the shadows of the dead
‘cause when it’s all said and done there should be no regrets
Track Name: Leech
a strife of tongues about the things that you want
but you forget about what it takes to set sail on a sinking ship
doing things the hard way

I dare you to walk a mile in my shoes, going in for the kill
but instead you prey on every chance to leech
that’s how it’s always been
how it’s always been

separate facts from fiction
abstract the lies from the truth

vultures in disguise
I see you lurking to benefit from other’s gains
but true individual dignity only gets reached by doing things yourself
Track Name: Inner Demons
my whole life I felt haunted by adversity
condemned to a lifetime of despair
until one day I saw this world for what it really is
and not for what you taught me it would be
I was never destined for great dreams
‘cause your inner demons dragged me down
now I have worn the dust of many streets
I’m not what happened to me
I am what I choose to become
life does not get better by chance
it gets better by change

every man dies
not every man really lives
exorcise your inner demons
take control
reap what you sow
reap what you sow

you got to take control
you got to reap what you sow
your time of fortune will come
and then it’s harvest day
Track Name: The Disregarded
sometimes I felt I was not alive
worn down and numb from this constant strife
living each day trapped under the weight
I cleared my mind there’s so much time I’ve spent
living a life based on other’s demands
so I chose a way going against the grain

I am the disregarded searching for something more
isolated from where the truth’s withhold

I live this life until my heart stops beating
Don’t want to be a dead man breathing
I like to dwell on the possibility of obscurity
I live by my own set of rules

I am the disregarded searching for something more
isolated from where the truth’s withhold
Track Name: Endless Roads
let’s pack our bags and throw ourselves into another great adventure
across seas and through forgotten streets
we can’t allow ourselves to go halfway
every single moment is ours to take
we can’t change the direction of the wind
but we can adjust our sails
together we are one
love and hate it’s unconditional
wherever we go it’s with all our heart
we take each day just as it comes

we roam these endless roads
it’s about the journey not the destination
Track Name: Sons Of The Privileged
in desperate times we live by desperate means
in an insane world this is the sanest way to be
many are losing faith in this unequal struggle
it only gets worse with every passing day

fight with different weapons
gun VS dagger is it always going to be this way?
decay not what they’d promised
the world looked brighter in the innocence of childhood dreams

we are the sons of the privileged
we are the ones who are stuck with the wreckage of our ancestors
the wreckage of our ancestors

they paved the path that leads the way
and we’re all destined to deal with all that’s left
they ruined this world it’s gone to waste and they embraced it in our name

we are the sons of the privileged
we are the ones who are stuck with the wreckage of our ancestors
Track Name: Pushing Forward
keep writing your name in the sand
this act of perseverance is called resilience
PMA is the bridge between setting goals and achieving them
and it's determined by you and not by others
keep pushing forward
pursue dreams with actions, do not wait for things to happen

stick tight to inner strength
it all takes place inside the heart
actions speak louder than words they say
while talk is cheap and easily stated
put your money where your mouth is
never bow down towards where the ground is

keep fighting for every inch
when enough is enough you are halfway there
rise up against the odds 'cause even rivers wash dams away someday
great danger doesn't lie in setting aims to high
never settle for less

life is a song so fucking sing it
even when things go wrong and you feel defeated
'cause that what does not kill us only makes us stronger
turn things around light up the darkness
keep pushing forward
Track Name: Confined
don’t explain to me the way this world works
because I’ve walked its surface for long enough

every day I see people searching for redemption
they lay their fate in the hands of the powerful few
who are playing god over a world that’s engulfed by defeat
I’d rather walk my own steady pace apart from the masses
I am a wandering soul aspiring for more

so many different stories of defeat
so many faces of death
but I have always kept my fate
by trying to reach beyond what keeps us confined
seeking for different ways

the chains of habit are too light to be felt
until they are too heavy to be broken
never give in or settle for less than what you are worth
strife for something more
Track Name: Throwaway Society
what’s the point of effort
‘cause it only gets a glimpse of what it really deserves
all things are being produced with greater ease
and quantity overshadows quality
it overshadows quality

I wish that you could see the downside of this
this should always be us against that world
just find the strength inside and turn it all around
the easier things are to get the more that we neglect
consumerism took away all its meaning
there is not enough content

the surface is burning
and it’s making its way to the underground
Track Name: Real Recognize Real
it lies in man’s nature to blend in
uniformity clouds our eyes
when outcasts are looked upon with a closed mind

a lonely flower doesn’t envy the thorns who are numerous
stand up and fight
even when standing for what you believe means standing alone
most of us will be forgotten having no one know their names
but no legacy is as great as sincerity
true spirit

I see a weakness in your urge for glory
you keep changing face but real recognize real
so many have come and gone
another day another face but real recognize real