Still Searching


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PRO2] A STRENGTH WITHIN 'Still Searching'
Format: 7'' EP, Digital
A Strength Within brings you a perfect mix of fast and dark hardcore with there new 7'' called 'Still Searching'. From the first ringing notes, it's apparent that they have grown into a darker band since the release of there first effort 'Never Lose Sight'. 'Still Searching' was recorded, mixed and mastered by Robin Carlo at Safehaven Recordings. Artwork done by Richey Beckett. With each copy of the release comes a free digital download coupon, good for a high quality mp3 download.

01 Never Forget
02 Still Searching
03 Different Directions
04 Retrospect

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360 black
150 white

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released July 12, 2011



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A hardcoreband from Leuven, est. 2009.

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Track Name: Never Forget
we’ve all been thrown into this world, dreaming about all the things that seem so far out of reach, hoping to get some day, carried away, this mind and body are begging me to never forget,
that we’re more than rats in a rat race, aimlessly running for this so-called redemption, i feel threatened by this all-consuming thought, like a weight around my neck, it’s pulling me down,
why does regret always gets us in the way, where it destroys whatever life remains, we risk so little and neglect so much, that it seems pointless to keep this up, can’t choose the cards we’re
dealt, just how we play them, i’ll leave my mark in this fucking wasteland.
Track Name: Still Searching
shipwrecked on the shores of dissolution, our heads are soaked from the darkened skies above, every step we take is being watched by the prying eyes, there’s no way out, wolfs howl, lambs
follow, without biting the hand that feeds, we consider ourselves free, but still remain under lock and key, is there still hope, to turn things around, because we can build an alternate tomorrow
on the ruins of yesterday, everything we see and hear isn’t the absolute truth, enough is enough.
Track Name: Different Directions
silence speaks for me, I live my life like a fucking intruder, traditions and obviousness are all about complying or not, maybe desire will leave me scarred, but this anxious heart doesn’t mind,
our life hangs in the balance but I won’t wait until it drops, apathized by a script that force-feed morals called their own, it’s just a guide to keep them save, all I see are slaves to a system which
makes me feel I don’t belong, sometimes it seems that I’m the only one who even gives a fuck, same crossroads but different directions.
Track Name: Retrospect
you’re the infected, can’t give in to another way to be, than living a life fueled by hatred, color and aspect isn’t a virtue, it makes us act like animals, so tell me man how can you shake a hand with
a clenched fist, you try to keep others down, to get the most out of life, righteousness doesn’t lie in a closed mind, self-reflection is the first step to common sense, spitting out ideals but equality
means nothing to you, its seeds of repulsion will always find fertile soil, and all the shit you blame others for also comes from your mouth, can’t see beyond the dullest of outsides, so right in your
mind, in truth so wrong, we’ll never walk common ground, when we can’t share thoughts.